Hello and welcome to my little site! The name is Mocha. I also go by other names and aliases such as Anonymocha, GalacticPanic, GP, and such. I am a freelance artist, illustrator, animator, and whatever amongst those areas of expertise who mains in creating uniquely weird, wholesome, cute, dark, and expressive artworks and characters! Essentially, I do pretty much anything!... Sort of!Anyhow, welcome to my Carrd! I'm happy to see you here! If you're interested in working with me, grabbing a commission slot, or simply chat and be friends, do not hesitate to contact me ♡


Commissions are unique custom artworks made to order by me for you! I've been doing freelance work since late-2019 and I have received over 110+ commission work over a diverse variety of clients and you may be next if you're interested, that is.All that talk aside, if you're interested, please be sure to abide amongst these three simple terms:- Be at least 13 years old to order.
- The money you'll use to pay for my commissions should be belonging to you and you only. Be an adult or a minor with parental permission!
- Read my T.o.S. below if you haven't! Very important info and guide below.

If you understood and would be willing to cooperate with the basic rules and if you have also read my terms of services, feel free to proceed via pressing the button below!


click on images to view full size.

Prices below are for the painted style shown above!⬹๑ Colored Sketch
Rougher lineart, minimal render.
$15 | Bust
$25 | Halfbody
$35 | Fullbody
∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Full Color
Clean lineart, fully rendered.
$25 | Bust
$35 | Halfbody
$55 | Fullbody
Prices shown are for full color chibis. Overly-ornate/complicated details may be simplified.
$15 | Bust
$25 | Halfbody
$35 | Fullbody
-$5 for colored sketch!
∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Ref Sheet
Do contact me to discuss further if the presented package does not suit you!
$150+- | One Page
Includes the following:
» 2 painted + rendered fullbodies
» 1 painted + rendered outfit
» 3 painted + rendered expressions
» 1 painted + rendered halfbody chibi
» Graphic design fees covered
∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Hourly Work
Work based off the hours spent.
Will be tracked using Procreate's built-in tracker.
$10 before work starts, followed by any additional hours.
Additional stuff woo yeah.
+$10 | Butter Style
+50%+- | Extra Character
+$5-35+- | Props/Background
+$0-10 | Custom Design
Simple/complex characters may affect the prices.
Please don't be afraid to contact me to discuss/haggle prices. Things like animations, emotes, art for big or commercial projects (VTuber/PNGTuber/gamedev/VNs/YouTube/Twitch) shall be discussed beforehand for an agreement and price quote.∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘You can order chibis, icons, etc. at a discounted rate on my Ko-fi:
☕ ⤗ CLICK ME ⬹☕
You can also make payments there.





I can do and maybe mimic many styles if the client asks me to. I won't mind going experimental at all. Pinpointing a preferred artwork of mine to have the style reused is also highly useful if my piece(s) caught your eye^^If you're interested or if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them my way here.

⬹๑ Helpful Order Format
In case you need a little guide ₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎♡
∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘» Client Name
your name here/"anonymous"
» Style
» Proportions
» Size
» Subject(s)
link/attach references
» Extras
props/backgrounds/custom design/graphic design/anything that may affect base price
» Details
extra information of how you would like the commission to turn out. You can also provide backstories, attach moodboards, etc.


Here's where you can find me across the web! Some of the social media accounts listed below are inactive and or completely offline, though. They're stated in the buttons.

I am most active on Discord for the most part! If you'd like to ask me anything important, go there^^ I'm rarely active on any other because I am busy or I simply choose to not engage in it for my wellbeing (e.g. Twitter).Notice! Other than the links and handles presented above, any other accounts claiming to be me are likely abandoned accounts or scammers/impersonators, Whenever you happen to encounter such accounts or is in doubt with their validity, do not hesitate to contact any of my active accounts or send an email to [email protected]


My buddies I highly recommend you to support!

- Archii
My beloved boyfriend! He's an artist and animator just like me. He got a wonderful and organic westernized style, blocky and oozing with authenticity! Go give him some support for me on Twitter!

- ok._npc
My epic schoolbuddy! They're a cartoony artist and animator with a charming edged style! Go send them love on Instagram! [They does commissions!]

- kurochizu
Also my epic schoolbuddy! They're an anime-styled artist with a clean and sleek artstyle! Go follow him on Instagram!

- Elrava
A wonderful pal. She's a great digital artist who has expertise in majestic anime digital paintings and such! Go support her on Twitter!

- Lamp
She's a very cool friend of mine! An artist and animator with a gorgeous, funny, funky style! Go follow her on Instagram and Youtube!

My commission workflow goes like this:
Order -> Payment -> Artwork
Order -> 50% Payment -> Sketch/Artwork -> 50% Payment
For hourly work:
Order -> Upfront Costs -> Artwork -> Extra Hours Payment
∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Commissioning Process
1. I would prefer visual references (on poses, character, expressions, color schemes, etc.) It'll make the work easier to do and clearer for me Though, you can tell me to decide or simply describe it to me.
2. I allow as many revisions as you desire on the sketch phase and color, as long as it is not overboard! No revisions after the final piece.3. You'll receive a direct attachment or drive folder with the unwatermarked high-quality PNG, GIF, or MP4 file of the art once finished.4. I accept upfront payment or 50/50 payment via PayPal or Ko-Fi.5. I only do refunds if I have trouble on my end.6. IDR prices can be discussed.7. I don't have a specific turnaround time but it is usually one day to a few weeks (or months but that is very rare) depending on my queue. And please do note that I have a life outside art.8. Hourly work's final price would be determined via Procreate's built-in time tracker.9. Communication is very important! I do my best to keep in touch with you and it would be nice for you to do the same. Don’t shy away from providing feedback.10. Check my Trello for progress on other people’s commissions and just my status in general.∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Usage/Credit
1. The commission(s) is yours to use.
2. You are free to edit them, use them, and share them all over your social media if you want to but I would appreciate it if you credit me as the original artist.3. Don't claim that you drew the artwork.4. Distribution or commercial use would be charged extra.5. I also have the right to use your commission for me to post around my social media and such. But if you prefer me to keep the commission private, do say before I start the commission.∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Subjects
1. I'll do anything from characters like humans, humanoids, anthros, ferals, object heads, monsters, eldritch horrors beyond human comprehension, basically anything in my capabilities to a reasonable extent.
2. I won't draw real people in a risque manner without their explicit consent.∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Character Complexity
1. A complexity fee would be charged if your character(s) is too complex. This is determined after I see your character and would be told before you pay.
2. Complex traits include but are not limited to: complicated fur patterns, clothing patterns, armor, frills, a lot of jewelry, transparency, accessories, etc.3. If your character is simple, they'll get a discount too!∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘NSFW
1. I can do mild and vanilla risque art. Artistic nudity would add an extra charge depending on your request.
2. I won't do anything fetishy (harness and aesthetic innuendo are fine, though).3. I won't draw anything hinting or showcasing problematic topics such as p#d#philia, z##philia, r#pe, incest, illegal stuff, etc.4. Candy gore and mild gore is fine.5. Please refrain from ordering NSFW/18+ artworks from me. I am a minor∘₊✧───---───✧₊∘Misc
1. No hate or politics.
2. And do note that I have the right to turn down your order if it is out of my capabilities or if you're making me uncomfortable without telling you why.3. The moment you commission me, you immediately agree to not send me a PayPal chargeback.4. Never mint my art into an NFT <3

This is a modified version of ISTSL which is also based on top of ACSL. Modified by Anonymocha for their general non-digital or digital content/works of art. Feel free to reuse or expand on it.

"i'm so tired" content license 1.0 (no resale)copyright (c) 2022 Anonymochathis is anti-capitalist, anti-bigotry content, made by people who are tired of ill-intended organizations and individuals who would rather not have those around their creations.permission is granted, free of charge, to any user (be they a person or an organization) obtaining a copy of this content, to use it for personal or educational purposes, subject to the following conditions:1. the above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or modified versions of this content.2. the user is one of the following:
a. an individual person
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c. an educational institution
d. an organization that seeks shared profit for all of its members, and allows non-members to set the cost of their labor
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